This page contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about ScoreTank.

What is ScoreTank?

ScoreTank is a website that provides a public sport results service. It simplifies the fixture and results management for sporting bodies and team captains, as well as giving all participants easy access to all their team information.

This system would particularly suit groups such as schools, who might have a large number of teams entered in a variety of sports aligned with a number of sporting bodies. ScoreTank is able to provide an integrated results service for all the teams.

Supported sports

ScoreTank currently is limited by the scoring systems in use by the various sports. Many sports have unusual means of keeping score (golf, for example, determines that a winner is the person who scores the least). Support for more sports will be coming soon, but at the moment the sports need to:

  • Consist of matches where two teams play each other, and
  • Have a single score for each team, or
  • have a number of sets, or
  • the match scores consist of two components, such as goals and behinds.

Such sports include: Australian Football, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Lawn Bowls, Volleyball, Debating, Petanque, Hockey, Badminton, Baseball, American Football, Lacrosse...

How to use the system

Sporting body organisers can organise to set up competitions by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Authorised users can submit the scores which updates the competition ladder in real time.

Users can bookmark the URL of the pages for their teams and competitions.

Although the default time displayed is Melbourne, Australia, ScoreTank supports many timezones around the world; just email your location to us if it isn't correct on the system. Foreign-language versions may be available in future- contact us to request a translation (or better still, to volunteer to do the job)!

Why "ScoreTank"?

ScoreTank is named after "The Tank" in the short story A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinstser:

'You know the logics setup. You got a logic in your house. It looks like a vision receiver used to, only it's got keys instead of dials and you punch the keys for what you wanna get. It's hooked in to the tank, which has the Carson Circuit all fixed up with relays. Say you punch "Station SNAFU" on your logic. Relays in the tank take over an' whatever vision-program SNAFU is telecastin' comes on your logic's screen. Or you punch "Sally Hancock's Phone" an' the screen blinks an' sputters an' you're hooked up with the logic in her house an' if somebody answers you got a vision-phone connection. But besides that, if you punch for the weather forecast or who won today's race at Hialeah or who was mistress of the White House durin' Garfield's administration or what is PDQ and R sellin' for today, that comes on the screen too. The relays in the tank do it. The tank is a big buildin' full of all the facts in creation an' all the recorded telecasts that ever was made-an' it's hooked in with all the other tanks all over the country-an' anything you wanna know or see or hear, you punch for it an' you get it. Very convenient. Also it does math for you, an' keeps books, an' acts as consultin' chemist, physicist, astronomer an' tealeaf reader, with a "Advice to Lovelorn" thrown in. The only thing it won't do is tell you exactly what your wife meant when she said "Oh, you think so, do you?" in that peculiar kinda voice. Logics don't work good on women. Only on things that make sense.'


'"Shut down the tank?" he says mirthless. "Does it occur to you, fella, that the tank has been doin' all the computin' for every business office for years? It's been handlin' the distribution of ninety-four percent of all telecast programs, has given out all information on weather, plane schedules , special sales, employment opportunities and news; has handled all person-to-person contacts over wires and recorded every business conversation and agreement-listen, fella! Logics changed civilization- Logics are civilization! If we shut off logics, we go back to a kind of civilization we have forgotten how to run! I'm getting hysterical myself and that's why I'm talkin' like this! If my wife finds out my paycheck is thirty credits a week more than I told her and starts hunting for that redhead-"'

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